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Process Strategy

Process refers to the procedures or processes that are developed to ensure the customer has a positive and memorable experience when purchasing and/or using your product or service.

Key elements of process • Planning

The old adage always rings true – “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Successful outcomes don’t happen by accident - it’s all about making sure you know what is required and then putting a plan in place to ensure you can deliver what’s needed. Achieving a successful marketing result requires an effective marketing plan that contains strategies, tactics and activities that will satisfy the needs and wants of the marketplace.

What is process?

Process is concerned with the planning, development, implementation, documentation and review of systems and procedures to ensure that the central marketing objective of getting the right product, in the right quantity, to the right place at the right time in a profitable manner actually occurs. All the processes you use in your day to day business operation will have a direct flow-on effect to your customer’s experience. It’s all about making sure the following things happen:

Systems and procedures

Well developed systems and procedures will provide a framework upon which positive customer experiences can be built and delivered. Systems and procedures will contribute to the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, consistency, risk minimisation and ultimately, profitability of your business.

When marketing products:

• products are manufactured or purchased on time • products deliver the required quality and performance levels • sufficient stock is on hand to meet customer demand • products reach the customer in a timely manner • products reach the customer in good condition • the paperwork is accurate and timely


Accurate, accessible and accountable documentation is at the core of any successful business. Documentation delivers information and...