Sympathy in the Great Gatsby

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m In The Great Gatsby the most sympathetic character in my mind is Nick. Fitzgerald sets Nick out to be the neutral one who looks in on everyone’s life and the one that he seems to always be going to is Gatsby. Nick doesn’t like to listen to problems as he says, but he always seems to be worrying about Gatsby and always hoping that Gatsby will come to his senses and realize that He cannot have daisy and that he should just move on. Like in the end of the book when Nick says that “He must have felt that he had lost the old warm world… through the amorphous trees” (chapter 8). What Nick meant by this statement is what he believed Gatsby’s last thoughts to be. He really hoped that Gatsby came to his senses before he died and realized that he can’t have Daisy. I think that Nick felt was that Gatsby really should have done is looked at what country he was living in, “The Country of opportunities”. He believes that Gatsby should have let her go, all that he is going to end up is in hurt and he should live up the dream because he lives in America. In my view of this book, I found that Nick was constantly talking about how Gatsby was desperate, and in his attempts into trying to give Daisy what she wanted, how he worked so hard to get where he was yet nick knew he was not always rich. Nick knew that Gatsby really did not know what it was like because he knows he was growing up in a poor family, and Nick knew that all Gatsby was doing was ruining his own life, and he always set the tone in either a really irritated way or a really sympathetic way. What really made him sympathetic was when Jordan told Nick that Gatsby really wanted him to invite Daisy over so she can see what she is really missing out on. In response, Nick was not infuriated, nor did he confront him about why he really wanted him to do that, but he took a step back and really felt bad about how hard he was trying, with all of these parties he threw which probably cost him thousands of dollars hoping that...