Miracle> the Devils Marketing Strategy.

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‘‘And the angel answered and said to her, The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the highest will overshadow you; therefore, that Holy one who is to be born will be called the son of God’’ Luke 1 vs. 35.(NKJV)

The word miracle is defined in the Advance Learner dictionary as “an act or event that does not follow the laws of nature and is believed to be caused by God. It also means a lucky thing that happens that you did not expect or think was possible.”The Hebrew meaning of miracle is called Nesia which is translated to mean miracle of God, while the Greek meaning is known as dunamai.

The above definition was in consonant with the Bible passage quoted. The conception and the birth of the dramatis personae in the passage in person of our Lord Jesus Christ was unexpected, beyond human imagination, it does not follow the law of nature.

In Genesis chapter 1, it was stated there that “the earth was without form and void” in which brings about God’s first duty to man kind by bringing into existence what was not there. Therefore, make it the first miracle.

‘‘In the beginning God created heaven and earth’’. The earth was without form and void; the word ‘void in the dictionary means the large empty space, or where nothing exist which means it does not exist, but God according to the Bible was able to bring out something out of nothing. He created large substance out of a large empty space.

‘‘Then God said ‘‘let there be light’’, and there was light. Genesis 1 vs. 1-3.

It can be deduced here that words from the mouth of God bring something out of non-existing and large empty space therefore setting in place a set of laws that will determine how things will happen on earth.

Emphasis here, is that, it can only be done by God and no man can and should ascribed to himself or herself the working of miracles.

Having examined the creation of the earth which comes to existence by the word of God, it can also be said...