Chapter 12 Study Guide

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Anatomy review for the nervous system - Week 12 Study Guide

1. Distinguish the difference between neuron, neuroglial cells, Schwann cells, neurofibrils, and astrocytes.

2. What is the difference between dendrites and axons?

3. What color does myelin (the lipid-protein layers that form a sheath around an axon) appear?

4. What are the 2 main parts of the nervous system?

5. What are 3 functions of the nervous system?

6. What is the junction between 2 communicating neurons called?

7. What are the simplest nerve pathways called?

8. Put the following in the correct sequence to identify the path a reflex arc takes: effector, sensory neuron, motor neuron, receptor, interneuron.

9. What are the membranes called that are located between the bone and soft tissue of the nervous system?

10. There are 3 layers of membranes of the nervous system. Name them in order starting with the outer layer.

11. Between what 2 layers is the CSF found?

12. In a spinal tap, between which vertebrae is the needle inserted to measure cerebrospinal fluid pressure?

13. The brain is divided into 3 major sections, what are they?

14. Which of the 3 deals with higher mental functions/thinking?

15. Which one deals with visceral activities?

16. Which one deals with voluntary muscular movements?

17. What is affected by Parkinson’s and Huntington’s?

18. What are the 2 divisions of the peripheral nervous system?

19. What is the outermost portion of the cerebrum called?

20. How do drugs that decrease a membrane's permeability to sodium affect the perception of pain? How to they affect nerve impulses? When are these types of drugs typically used?

21. How does caffeine stimulate the activity of the nervous system?

22. How do amphetamines stimulate the nervous system?

23. What is an analgesic?

24. Between which two layers of the meninges is cerebrospinal fluid found?

25. What...