East Bank Regional Hospital System Case Study

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East Bank Regional Hospital System Case Study

The used of emergency department cannot be compared to the areas of profit and the growth of emergency health services, because peoples used emergency department for many reason. For example, access to primary care is very important for preventing diseases.

The increase of visiting of emergency department health services from the Bank Regional Hospital system is a result of demographics area, which it four services location in the surroundings suburbs area with a population of 2.5million peoples. The population risks that associated in the health of younger age group are the mean factor that contributed to the growth of emergency department visit because the younger age population visit emergency department more than older population due to injury, while the older age population visit emergency department due to illness.

The Bank Regional Hospital System experienced decrease in operating margin. The decrease in number of operating and profit occurred due to the reduction of Medicare reimbursement and low payment from Medicaid. The four East Bank Regional Hospital Systems where located within suburbs population have a comprehensive emergency department. The two of the hospital North Suburbia Hospital and South Suburbia Hospital has low licensed beds compared to the Mid-City Hospital and Uptown Medical Center. The North Suburbia Hospital still has highest number of emergency department visit. Therefore, the hospitals systems need to consider reconfiguration and expansion of hospitals licensed beds.

The objectives of these plan methods has to be in the expansion of the hospital beds that would create more activities and time line for emergency department reconfiguration, in order to meet requirement of Certificate of need regulations.

The need for area of expansion has to be in staffing management and create more licensed beds, especially in the North Suburbia and South Suburbia...