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Analysis Report:

Company Name is a small company which resides in the UAE and is operating since the past 11 years. It has built up its reputation as the years have gone by. It is known for importing and exporting goods from the international markets and selling them in countries where the particular good has a high level of profitability.

Some of the particular goods which the company imports and exports in the international market are Footwear and Home Furnishing Items.

Company Name has a very small number of staff which totals up ten. The owners do all the work mainly like talking to suppliers and buyers, but they have employed a few people so that the products are distributed properly and the accounts & records of all the purchases and sales are kept properly.

The client has told me that he had a few problems with the invoices being manually made so he wanted me to help him to make a software in which he can have invoices. My main task is to create a software from which the client can create invoices, and keep a track of the product information and customers.

After knowing the problem I had asked my client to answer a few questions on their current system and their company.


Name: __________________

1. How long have you worked in the company?

o Less then 2 years

o 2 to 5 years

o More then 5 years

2. How does the companies’ current existing system work?

It is a manual system where the Information about the customers is kept in different registers and even their accounts are recorded manually on registers. The stock is counted visually and then the total stock available is written down on the paper.

3. Problems that your company face with the current

Existing system?

It is extremely difficult to organize everything. Having accounts on registers is very clumsy and unorganized. Lots of time is wasted in doing everything manually and it also results in a lot of errors, which...