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Who am I?

Who am I is the question, and to be honest the best way to answer that is by saying “I’m me.” I am not my ancestors and I do not like to be put down for anything my ancestors have done or said, but I am very proud of my family and I love them very much. I fit into many social groups because I have a lot in common with other people. Some of the social groups I fit into is I am a Common American, Christian and Caucasian. Many of these groups are very common. I say I fit into the social group of common Americans, because not all people that live in America are common Americans and to be honest not all are Americans. I believe that there are many traits that put me being in the social group of a common American. One of these traits is that my primary language is English. If your primary language is not English I think it would be really hard to consider yourself a common American due to the fact that you did not learn English first. I mean yes I’m sure there are those Americans that were born here that learned a different language first from their parents, but I do not believe that that would be a common American because they would not have the same beliefs and aspects of a common American. For example, they would rather celebrate their own culture or religions holidays before celebrating the American holidays. That leads me to my next trait of why I believe I am in the common American social group. A common American celebrates all of the American holidays as in Fourth of July for our Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and etc. I also fit in the social group of Christianity. I am a Christian in my beliefs and my culture. I do believe Jesus is Christ. I also believe in the Holy Ghost, and I do believe in the bible. All of which are characteristics of Christianity. Christianity has been discriminated upon many different times. Defacing the bible and burning the cross are two ways that show physical proof of...