3 Strikes Law

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Is the Three Strikes Law Beneficial to the State of California?

James Bell, Kevin Burciaga, Patricia Connor, Andy Valenzuela, Valerie Perez


October 22, 2012

J.K. Roberts, M.A.


When learning new responsibilities such as learning how to operate a motorcycle for the first time, one may feel scared, overwhelmed, challenged, or all the above. However, once the fear or challenges are overcome, the rest has no significance. Gathering research for a research paper is similar in nature. Gathering research allows an individual to gather information for a particular topic of interest. The information gathered for this particular research proposal will contain information pertaining to the three strikes law and the effects of this law in the state of California. In addition to this research proposal is a literature review that summarizes what is known about the three strikes law and the studies conducted pertaining to the three strikes law.

California’s Three Strike Law

California’s three strikes law has been under considerable debate since the law was passed by legislation and people of California in 1994. “California was one of the first states to pass such a sentencing scheme in the United States” (Stanford University, 2012). Essentially, the three strikes law in California was designed to “keep murderers, rapists, and child molesters behind bars” (Stanford University, 2012). The main goal of the three strikes law is to impose a life sentence for any felony, no matter how minor. The three strikes law applies to any defendant who has two prior serious felony convictions.

The Research Problem

“Since 1993, about half of the United States have implemented the three strikes law, but even more have debated it” (Portland State University, 2012). Many believe the three strikes law is not a proven method of deterrence. However, the three strikes law is designed to increase the prison sentence of repeat offenders. By doing so, many...