Develop Good Business Sense

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Develop Good Business Sense

Joseph Hough

BUS 210

June 10, 2012

Brian Wirpsa

Develop Good Business Sense

The first company I have chosen is Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart has cashiers who check customers out, greeters who greet people as they come in and out of the stores, stockers who put products on the shelves, and managers who oversee other employees. Wal-Mart had a manager for cashiers, a separate manager for the stockers, and another manager for the managers. The people who were working at the service desk also had a manager separate from the other departments. The deli had employees who served food to customers and made specialty cakes for customers. The managers of the deli helped the deli employees prepare the food. At one point, I seen a manager slicing meat and frosting a cake. Seeing the managers helping the customers showed me that the employees were not do all the work on their own. The second company I chose was Taco Bell. Taco Bell has a person who takes orders through the drive thru, people who take orders at the counter inside the store, cooks, and managers who ensure each employee is doing their jobs. The employees work together to make the food and get it delivered to the customer as fast as possible to ensure customer satisfaction. The workers in the kitchen of Taco Bell were working as if they were on an assembly line. One employee would get the wrapper for the food and place a taco shell or burrito wrap on the wrapper. Then the next employee would put the meat on the product. The next employee would put any toppings on the product. The final employee would then wrap the product and place in a bag to be handed to the customer. Watching how the employees work together made me realize how organized the company really was. The third company I chose was Tire Barn. Tire Barn has mechanics that repair the tires, do oil changes, and tune-ups on vehicles. Tire Barn also has managers who oversee the other employees to ensure the employees are performing the...