Simulation Weekend Reflection Paper

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Simulation Weekend: Reflection Paper

Kanaiya Kapadia

Team 1: Monaco, LLC

STGY 659.31 | Professor Baumgartner

Summer 2012 | Encino campus

1. What worked well?

• Driven and motivated team: Even before the simulation weekend, our team members fiercely challenged each other to be the best team in the simulation. This dynamic helped rationalize and temper the 3-year strategic plan. This also helped s0lidify the decision making process and roles & responsibilities, leading to an efficient and productive decision making during the simulation.

• Substantially improved to become the leading team during the simulation weekend: As evident by the table below, we have largely exceeded financial objectives. In doing so, we became the market leader during the simulation by a number of performance measures, most notably stock price, income/sales and income/equity.

• Strong performance for equity investors: As shown below, I am pleased to say that we achieved the highest stock price by Y7 Q4, returning strong value to our equity investors in the process. While this improvement is partially due to the Hero Program (Stock Price), we believe this has been a result of several organic improvements that have built and sustained the value of the company.

• Overall impression: In the end, I am most proud that we were able to improve the overall position of our company from third place to first place from year 6 to 7 through a combination of improved product positioning/pricing, more competitive marketing and advertising spend, and relocation of plant/production to a lower cost region (Pandau).

2. What could have been improved?

• Having gone through the simulation weekend, I believe there were three areas of improvement.

• More transparency of quarterly sales forecasting: Although our sales forecast was relatively consistent, all of the team members did not have up-to-date visibility during the simulation weekend...