Mobile Crusher to Speed Up the Waste Treatment Industrialization

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Mobile crusher to speed up the waste treatment industrialization

Green harmony is the mainstream trend of contemporary green, vigorously develop the building materials industry, energy-saving emission reduction, fully embodies the concept of people-oriented. The crusher machine of environmental protection industry development, and the promotion of building materials industry to optimize upgrade, complementary interactions, will establish a typical green development. In recent years, our country in carrying out the strategy of sustainable development, coal gangue comprehensive utilization of resources were mentioned important schedule.


Crusher Machine

According to the relevant experts, China's legacy tailings resources is huge, if be fully utilized, with tailings system artificial sand, 20400000 tons a year can be solved by the construction of gravel, if have been stacked tailings are using, then light the resource can be used for 20 years. That solves the environmental pollution problem of tailings, and solves the problem of construction sand and gravel resources, shoot two hawks with one arrow. Mineral resources comprehensive utilization of construction garbage, including tailings resources, such as fly ash recycling, but these can not be separated from the mining machinery R & D and manufacturing, especially late mine resource processing equipment crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, mobile crushers station and construction waste treatment equipment, only gradually improve mining machinery technology innovation can realize resource utilization in China increased 20 percentage points.

mobile crushers

Cone Crusher

YIFAN Machinery independent research and development of wheel type construction waste mobile crusher equipment, not only considering...