Entrepreneur’s Background Introduction to Business

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Entrepreneur’s Background

Family and academic background

Aminul Islam was born in Barisal on 2nd may in 1944. He was born in a middle class family in a village named Babarkhana situated in Barisal. He is the second son of his family. He has completed his High school from Barisal zilla School in 1959 and completed his College from Barisal BM College in Science major. After that he enrolled in one of the best university in Bangladesh which is Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology and graduated with a respectful result in 1969.

Career and Experience

After graduating from his university Aminul Islam did government job in 1965 and quitted in 1977 in East Pakistan Industrial Development Government Corporation (EPIEC) . From there he gained a lot of working experience and knowledge which made him to success in his business later .

Business Motivation and starting

One of the motivating factors was his father’s dream of his establishment in the society and another factor was after the independence of Bangladesh Aminul Islam realized that a new country has been born, therefore, a lot of construction will be needed for the development of the country and that is when he came up with the idea of Project Builders Limited. He proposed the idea to three other recent BUET graduates and they agreed to start with this new business. After the death of one of the partner and other two sold their share currently Aminul Islam is the only Managing Director and Chairman of Project Builders Limited.


The vision of Project Builders limited is to make quality constructions and make a strong infrastructure development of the country.


Construction of important structure and projects and to become the number one construction builder in Bangladesh.

Initial Finance

The company was initially started with four partners along with Aminul Islam. Each partner contributed an amount of 50000 taka individually as a capital so the...