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Chapter – 1


1. Origin of the Report

The internship program is required for the student of BBA. It is a program with duration of three months. Students who have completed all the required courses are eligible for this program. In the internship program I was attached to the Mercantile Bank Limited (MBL), Elephant Road Branch for three months. During this period I have learned how the organization works and studied MBL’s HR (Training) Procedures.

2. Objective of the report

* To understand and learn the activities, management efficiency and performance of HRM department in Mercantile Bank

* To highlight the HRM department related activities

* To highlight the performance of training institution of Mercantile Bank

* To assess the strength & weakness of HRM department of Mercantile Bank

* To recommended for overcoming the problem / weakness

3. Source of information

3.1. Primary source

I have collected primary data through the following ways: -

- Discussion & interviews with employees

- Examination of record and data available at the office of the bank

- Collection of relevant information from HRM department when I worked

- Discussion with existing & new customer (which is another dimension of experience)

3.2. Secondary source

I also collect various information from:

- Journals

- Annual report of Mercantile bank

- Text Books

- Internet (The website of the Bank)

4. Limitations of the study

I had some limitations to prepare this report effectively. Following listed the major limitations that affected most:

1. Difficulty in gaining information about the training program.

2. Non-availability of training evaluation document.

3. As a student it was not possible for me to collect all the necessary secret information.

4. I had to complete this report within a very short span of time that was not sufficient for investigation.

5. Because of the limitation of information, some assumptions were made. So...