The Cold War Instututionalized

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The Cold War Instututionalized

When we ask “What Caused the Cold War?” there were three reasons. Differences of principle, Stalin’s foreign policies contributed to the tensions and US and British politicians were hostile to the Soviet government. Difference of principle means that the allies had different controlling system like capital and communist. That’s why they can’t agree in one point. As a second reason Stalin wanted to take advantage of the military situation to strengthen Russian influence in Europe. As a third reason US and British politicians don’t want to lose the control on the area with an opposite way of Russian.

As a mutual distrust, suspicion, and misunderstandings can characterize the Cold War by two sides and their allies. The Cold War shortly followed the conference held between the leaders of the United States, the Soviet Union, and Great Britain, which took place at the Black Sea resort of Yalta between the 4th and 11th of February 1945. This event held great significance as it led to the Cold War. At Yalta, the Allied leaders, known as the Big Three, met to plan the last stages of the Second World War and agree to the subsequent territorial division of Europe. Notable postwar settlements were discussed such as German disarmament and reparations, and the Curzon line was recognized as Poland’s frontier with the Soviet Union. Also, by a secret agreement with Roosevelt, Stalin promised to declare war on Japan three months after the end of hostilities in Europe. Critics of the agreements that each nation’s leaders negotiated hold that it partitioned the world into both communist and non-communist spheres. Americans viewed the Soviet denial of the Yalta agreements as enmity between the two nations, which could in effect develop into a war, with the power to destroy humanity, hence both the United States and the USSR shared responsibility for the origin of the Cold War.

The Yalta agreements were based on several broad principles upon which the...