Tu Fu vs Li Po (Chinese Poetry) Literary Analysis.

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As two of China’s greatest writers in it’s history, Tu Fu and Li Po have artfully and poetically expressed their beliefs and values in their respectively unique ways. Li Po is a poet who expresses his feelings and beliefs in loyalty, nature, and society’s pleasantries. Tu Fu is more of a poet who expresses events as they are, rather than minimizing or maximizing the situation. Both of these wonderful poets are considered both august and nonpareil because of their outstanding literary works.

Tu Fu is a writer of the average and mundane happenings in life. His poem “Jade Flower Palace” speaks of the ruins of a palace brutally blown to pieces. Tu Fu sees this as a direct opportunity to write. This makes it fresher; it makes it all the more real. The pathos of the poem he started to write made everything a bit too real. The emotion was obvious from his disbelieving mien. Tu Fu uses seemingly unoriginal format, but definitely delivers in terms of logos.

Li Po usually writes about the pleasant things in life, but he can differ greatly depending on the type of poem. In “The River-Merchant’s Wife: A letter”, Li Po writes about the feelings of broken woman grieving because of her husbands homely absences. The tone in this literary work has an air of sadness, yet understanding. The pathos is almost too overwhelming with sadness. Li Po has interpreted and expressed the feelings and experience of a river merchant’s wife.

Tu Fu and Li Po have many elements in their writing that connects them to each other. The most plausible reason for this is that the two were close friends and influenced each other’s writing. Both of these authors dwell quickly, yet effectively on nature. The way these two authors used, in their own separate works, such imagery would be enough to shock a person. The story they each tell with their poems and the picture that’s drawn with their words is tremendous. While there are many things that separate Tu Fu and Li Po, they can always be quickly...