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––Business Law I (LEG100)

Fall 2008

Prof. Markey

Assignment No. 6 – Due December 9, 2008

Instructions: Based on your reading of Chapters 10-16 and classroom discussion, select the best answer to these multiple choice questions. There are 10 questions of equal value.

d. 1. Best Building Corporation needs to resurface the parking lot of its corporate headquarters. Best’s facilities manager, Steve, is in charge of selecting and hiring a paving company to do the work. A-One Pavers, Inc., is interested in repaving Best’s parking lot, and sends its top sales representative, Jane, to discuss it with Bob. After discussing the specific paving work Best wants done, Jane tells Bob that A-One can do the work within 14 days, and that the work can be done for $25,000, payable upon completion. On behalf of A-One, Jane has made

a. an executed contract.

b. an offer.

c. a mistake under duress.

d. consideration.

c. 2. With reference to the facts in the preceding question, suppose that in response to Jane’s statement, Bob says that Best would very much like to hire A-One to pave the parking lot for $25,000 payable upon completion, but only if the work can be done within 7 days. On behalf of Best, Bob has made

a. an offer.

b. an acceptance.

c. a counteroffer.

d. a fraudulent misrepresentation

a. 3. With reference to the facts in the preceding 2 questions, suppose that in response to Bob’s statement, Jane says that A-One will do the work within 7 days for $25,000. Bob and Jane have

a. formed a valid contract.

b. both operated under a mutual mistake.

c. wrongfully interfered with business relationships.

d. committed fraudulent misrepresentation

c. 4. Chris, a minor, signs a contract to purchase alcoholic beverages for Dine & Drink, his parents' restaurant. The contract is

a. valid but may be disaffirmed.

b. valid but may not be disaffirmed.

c. void as a matter of law.

d. void unless it is also signed by Ed, the manager of...