Creative Problem Solving

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Creative Problem Solving (LOG 129-C2)

Submit a management report of 3000 words. The report should highlight a current management or operational problem and recommend a course of action to be followed. The student may select any topic or area of management in which they are engaged. The report should adopt the following structure:

1. Management Summary.

2. Problem Definition.

3. Objectives and Outcomes.

4. Analytical Investigation.

5. Summary and Conclusions.

1. Management Summary

The problem was initially defined as a shortfall of trained drivers on the RAF FP Force units. At the same time as determining a method to fill shortfalls, a review would be carried out to determine the best methods for continued driver training. Ideas for methods to reduce the shortfalls of trained drivers were generated using brainstorming, Nominal Group Technique and the Delphi Technique. From the idea generation techniques, a number of methods to train drivers to fill the shortfalls were produced. A survey was then carried out to quantify the actual number of licences required. At this stage, contract driver training was considered the most appropriate solution to fill the shortfalls but the total projected cost of just under £1million to train drivers to fill all deficiencies was too great and financiers would only provide sufficient funds to pay for the shortfalls of categories B and B+E driving licences. A method of filling the shortfalls for the other driving licences still needed to be found. 2 proposals were analysed using SWOT and then PMI techniques to determine the most suitable proposal within the limitations of the situation. The proposal to carry out all further driver training to fill the immediate shortfalls and future driving requirements at the Defence School of Transport was selected as one which satisfied all the criteria.

2. Problem Definition

The Problem

The problem is that there are insufficient numbers of trained drivers...