Why Childern Should Not Play Football

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Katrina Daniel

English 1301

Dr. Ann Kirch

23 October 2012

Why Children Should Not Play Football

Football today is Americans popular sport. Everyone either stays at home on Sundays to watch the game or to the game in person. In schools today, junior high to colleges has football as part of their sport activities. People today do not realize though what comes with football is the matters of life and death really. I think kids today should not play football because, they can suffer from actual life threaten injuries (concussions, etc.) and fatalities.

Today kids play football without thinking of the injuries they could get and suffer with. In NFL: Dodging the Concussion Discussion, Deford stated,” We do know that high school players will experience more than 40,000 concussions this season than do older players” (573). Concussions are shock caused by the impact of a collision causing injury to the brain. I thought though that is what the football helmets were made for to protect kids heads from getting injured in that manner. Deford also included that “… players endure more than 3,000 hits, and frequently these collisions are at 100g of force, the equivalent of a car crash” (574). Parents, kids, and fans do not see that with their own eyes or never think of it. Really and harshly when a player from another team gets hurt the others teams fans are thrilled about it. People’s minds today do not care weather kids get hurt today or not besides the moms maybe.

So what is the main whole reason that parents, kids and fans do not look at a different perspective of football? It is because it’s a money maker for a lot of people; it is something that America likes, and an influencer for kids, so it all relates back to pop culture. But, kids today I think are influenced by their own dads, toys and TV. Kids watch and see this stuff on daily basics and do not have an understanding quite yet on what it actually takes to be a football player. Parents I think...