Ford Assignment

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Ford Assignment

Ford is looking to change perceptions and make its brand and products more appealing to a younger target.

1. How would you go about segmenting this ‘young’ audience?

Demographic | Age | 20-35 |

| Income | 50,000-75,000 |

| Family situation | Single/Married |

| Sex | Male/Female |

| Education | High school/Undergraduate/Graduate |

Behavioristic | Benefit sought | Exterior features / Function/ Fuel efficiency/ Budget-conscious / Maintenance costs/ Safety / New technic/ Environmental friendly |

| Purchase purpose | For driving entertainment/ Habit/ Status Symbol/ Utility vehicle/ Long distance drives |

| Marketing factor sensitivity | Price/Advertising/Sale promotion/PR event/ Promotion |

| User Status | Entry-level buyers/Ex-users/ Potential users/First-time user/ Regular users  |

Psychographic | Interests | Social activities /Outdoorsy /Fashion/ Economic /Art /Politic /Environment |

| Personality | Self assured /Confident /Shy /Disconnected /Traditional /Strict /Alienated |

2. Which segment(s) would you choose to target? Why?

Age : 20 – 35; male and female; income between 50,000-75,000. Car is a necessary utility vehicle for them, instead of a status expression or collection. They do lot of social activities and are confident on themselves, they care about how they look, and want to be cool and fancy, they considered the exterior features of their car would represent their personality and taste. They also care about fashion, new stuffs and latest news.

As the function, safety, fuel efficiency of this car are almost the same as other Ford auto cars ( since Ford shares the same manufacturing technique among all their car), the selling point of this car would be its exterior figure. I think this group of people cares the most how they look, as well as how their car look, the car image also represents their image. They’re more likely to spend a little more money to get a car with better and younger...