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I. Role of the HRIS System with the Atlanta Dream

The role the HRIS System in an organization is to “gather, analyze, and distribute information about job applicants and employees (Jackson, Schuler, & Werner, 2009, p. 55)”. The Atlanta Dream will use this system to enter performance information, access employee’s information and to assist with the development plan of employees. The HRIS System will make it easy for the Atlanta Dream to communicate the company’s mission and vision to all its employees. The HRIS System will provide Atlanta Dream with a central location for employees and applicants to finds information about the internal structure and strategic goals of the Atlanta Dream.

a. Information Processing

Keller Consulting Group will align the HRIS System to the mission of Atlanta Dream. The system that Keller Consulting Group plans to implement provides Atlanta Dream with a clear and concise overview of HR policies and practices. Keller Consulting Group plans to maximize efficiency by improving overall employee satisfaction. Employees will be able to input information such as direct deposit information, update benefit and beneficiary utilizing this system.

b. Information Craftsmanship

The HRIS System Keller Consulting Groups provides to the Atlanta Dream will be easy to use and understand. This system will be interactive, employees will be able to make general change to their personal information and see the changes instantly. It is important for the HRIS System be easy to use and interactive because its will provide the employees with a since of value and importance. The personal information that they will be able to change will include address, W-2, and direct deposit.

c. Human Value Management

Keller Consulting Group plans to implement an HRIS System that provides an advantage to the employees of Atlanta Dream. At first Keller Consulting Group will deal with trust issues. Keller Consulting Group will need to build trust by establishing...