Aviation Fatigue

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Throughout aviation history, man has defied gravity, death, destruction and the limits of our own bodies. Yet, these limitations have cost the lives of numerous flight crews and passengers. These limitations or “factors” can greatly decrease an individual’s ability to make rational decisions, simple corrections and even common sense choices. We have only just begun to peel back the truths behind fatigue, time zones, stress and other bodily functions associated with aviation to determine how to take accurate measures for safe aviation practices.

We all suffer from it, it is a common issue for everyone in aviation and everyone outside of it. Stress! Stress causes a person’s body to respond differently. One individual may handle stress well while another may not. However, an individual who does not show stress on the exterior may be suffering equally as great as another who is. This can lead to health issues of the heart, brain, kidneys and other internal organs. Hair loss is even a sign of high stress levels. But stress does not just effect your physical body but also your emotions and decision making. Individuals may choose to make a unsafe choice because of their boss or a upcoming family event. Thus a continuous circle of effect is installed and only contributes further to poor health. To avoid this, find activities that bring joy to your life, exercise, know your limits and talk freely about what is bothering you.

Secondly, fatigue associated with aviation and the crossing of time zones is another factor that can impair an individual’s ability to function properly. Fatigue is caused by outside stressors as well as inside stressors. Stressors range from; cabin noise, vibrations, visual stress, family, friends, time zones, traffic, all of which can cause the individual to make poor choices in the moment. This fatigue also causes the body to remain in a state of tiredness, decisions are slowed, comprehension impaired and the body begins to shut...