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Unit IV Assignment – Starbuck’s Duetto Visa

Geoffrey J. Wynn, MBA – DBA Candidate #206552

Columbia Southern University

DBA 8149: Doctoral Writing and Inquiry into Research

Research Types at Each Stage

Initially, Starbucks defines (in the scenario) the question as to why they are doing the research as to continue being “innovative” by offering customers a new and exciting product that would ultimately create a more accessible way of purchasing, with certain beneficial aspects (Cooper, D.R. & Schindler, P.S.,p.1(1)). In the next phase the research analysis approached the industry partners in the credit field to get a more expert finding of how to create the Duetto card to serve their consumers’ needs in the future in the form of what Cooper and Schindler note as a “primary source” (p.100(2)). In fact, Starbucks made it a point to exclusively “interview” the industry officials to learn how they resolved customer issues to weed out any unintended consequences if the new product is launched (Cooper, D.R. & Schindler, P.S., p.2(1)). During the conceptual testing stage Starbucks decided to direct the research in the focus group approach in areas of good “coverage” such as San Francisco and Seattle in order to grasp a good idea of how their target market would view the Duetto card as well as the essence of its usage (Cooper, D.R. & Schindler, P.S., p.2-3(1)). The next stage was dedicated to releasing information (i.e., secondary sources) about participating in the focus group and to “pretask” what the intent of the participation level would be in accordance with the questions asked (Cooper, D.R. & Schindler, P.S., p.4(1)). I found this very compelling as it determined the company’s research approach to the next stage of measuring what the return on investment would be from a more “causal” affect as if the participant chose the product and in what degree they would even use the card possibly designing the overall research...