Rebel Without a Cause- Scene Breakdown

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Rebel Without a Cause

Jim drives to the cliff to race buzz at a game of chicken. Jim feels the need to race buzz in order to save his pride from being labeled a coward.

1. (Long Shot) Buzz friends and bystanders are waiting at the cliff for Jim to show up.

2. (Long Shot- High Angle) Jim drives up in his car, and ( Med. Close up) talks to Plato then gets out of the car.

3. (Long Shot) Jim walks with Buzz to flip a coin for the race.

4. (Med. Close up) Jim walks to the cliff and lights a cigarette as he exchanges a few words with Buzz.

5. (Med. Close up) Jim and Buzz get in their cars.

6. (Long Shot) Judy goes to Buzz car to wish him luck, then to Jims car to give him dirt for his hands, as he lights a cigarette.

7. (Long Shot) Judy raises her arms then lowers them to signal for the race to start.

8. (Med. Close up) Jim and Buzz race towards the cliff.

9. (Med. Close up) Jim opens his car door and jumps out.

10. (Med. Close up) Buzz struggles to get his sleeve free of the door handle

11. (Long Shot) Buzz car goes over the cliff and explodes.

12. (Long Shot) The Buzz friends and group of bystanders run to overlook the wreckage from the cliff and (Low angle) everyone runs to their car and drives away.

13. (Med. Close up) Jim reaches his hand to Judy.

14. (Med. Close up) Judy grabs Jims hand and runs to get in Jims car with him and Pluto and drive they away.

This scene shows Jim trying to protect his image from being labeled a chicken. Jim goes to all lengths to avoid being referred to as a coward. By him lighting his cigarette before the race shows he was not scared and hid his actual fears. By Jim acting tough it coins his character as a rebel. This scene was to help him feel not weak like his father who he never wanted to be like.