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The Tired Swimmer Case Study

Go to this Website:

Answer the Following Questions for Parts I⋄IV.

Part I:

What vital signs or symptoms does Annie exhibit?

 blurred vision and eye strain,constant fatigue and her fingers were not working with her.

Can you see any common features in Annie’s signs and symptoms?

It seems as if Annie is exhibiting signs and symptoms that are common with the nervous system. With her blurred vision and eyestrain it must be her optic nerve within the brain. And her fingers not working is connected to her spinal cord all dealing with the brain.

Why is Annie having problems breathing?

Breathing is an involuntary function that can also be controlled voluntarily. The rhythm and rate of breathing are controlled in the medulla oblongata in the brain. If something, like a tumor, was effecting the portion of the brain then it could also have an effect on breathing.

What are the possible reasons for Annie’s condition?

By having vision problems resulting in weakness, Annie exhibits symptoms of multiple sclerosis. And she might have a muscle disorder.

Part II:

What additional vital signs or symptoms does Annie exhibit?

eye strain and double vision, drooping eyelids.

From the internet, find a picture that shows the mammalian spinal cord in cross section. Include the url where you found it and a statement of why you feel this is a good example.

How could a decline in muscle function contribute to eye strain and blurred vision?

As muscle function deteriorates, it takes more effort to control the muscles responsible for focusing the eye. The eye gets tired quickly and blurred vision occurs when the muscles are too tired to maintain focus.

What are the possible reasons for Annie’s condition?

It could be she is not getting enough oxygen to her brain or she has...