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According to some recent reports, more young people in Hong Kong are overweight and unfit than ever before. They do less exercise than they should do and they usually have an unbalanced diet. This worries the health experts. In this article, I will give reasons for this problem and suggesting how young people can improve their fitness.

  It is important to know that there are two ways to improve our health. One is having a balanced diet and the other one is to do more exercise. They are of equal importance in life.

  Teenagers nowadays are lured and preoccupied by hi-tech gadgets like online games, portable music and video players and so on. Gone are the days when adolescents thought that playing sports with friends is the only choice of leisure activities. Youngsters can easily find excitement and pleasure by getting in touch with these entertainments. Nevertheless, spending long hours on these means getting insufficient amount of exercise and adversely affecting your health.

  Besides, the heavy workload on most Hong Kong students keeps them away from sports ground. According to expert, doing exercise regularly is most important for maintaining a good health because the excess fat in our body will be burned. In Hong Kong, primary schoolchildren may even not finish the annoying homework in two-hour's time. Junior form college students are likely to be busy in joining the extra-curriculum activities unrelated to any sports, while those in senior form toil hard for public exams. Furthermore, students nowadays not only sit in their classrooms and listen to the teachers but also they are required to do projects in order to learn by their own. It is hard for them to spare a half-hour's time to stretch their muscles.

  A balanced diet should be made up of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, roughage, proteins and water. Rice and bread are rich in carbohydrates. Vegetables and milk are rich in many kinds of vitamins and roughage. Fishes and meats are rich in...