Proposal to Improve Lan Performance in Leonard Cooper Charter School

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Proposal to improve LAN performance in Leonard Cooper Charter School

Presented By: Korey Kang

To: Leonard Cooper Charter School CEO & School board

I. Situation Analysis

Leonard Cooper Charter School has about 1,000 students and faculty members. And due to the new addition of building added few years ago, the Increasing need of local area network is growing faster than ever. The major preoccupation now is to get improvement the old LAN with some new LAN`s technologies.

After talking with few key players at school, we come up with a list of problems they are facing and wish to solve them as soon as possible. The issues they have with current LAN are:

1. Printing jobs without a good network management system.

2. A lot of collisions in the network at certain time due to the heavy network traffic within the current LAN.

3. Equipment management through web by using the LAN. Wireless control possibility.

4. School wide smooth LAN connection with a good network speed.

5. Cable infrastructureĀ and cable choice for the LAN and BN.

II. Proposed solution

To solve the above problems, we need to adopt some new technologies that people are using in today`s world, and choose them wisely.

By adding a print server will help organizing the printing jobs for the school. The print server is a dedicated server, it allows putting all 50 printers the school has right now into the network. It gets shared among all users. It is very easy to set up and it will provide a good management for the printing job. This technology allows balancing the heavy printing traffic. It smart enough to direct you to next available printer if the selected printer in currently in use. It also provides a better distance better user PC and printer if you connect it with hub/switch.

By choosing the 24 ports hub and switch, it tells us there are maximum 24 network cables will be allowed to connect to the hub or switch. It is good for the school to use to get all...