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First, I choose this website because it is so popular and many people use this resource to study English to better their English. Through this website, I watch a lot video about reading and writing skill. And I think all these skill are very important, it can improve my English and useful in the future.

I think the website are diversified, interesting and entertaining because there have a lot method to learning English, I can watch the short video and play the game to learn English, so it is educational.

In the reading skill, I can learn the skimming and scanning, the type of text and so on. It can help me to build up my reading skill., such as speed read to get the gist or scan text to find a specific information and how to know what type of text it is.

In the writing skill, I can learn the formats, structures and writing skills in different kinds of letters such as invitation letters, job application, complaint letter. It can help me make better in writing skill.

I think the website are great variety because I can learn the two skill through watching video, at the same time, it also provides some quiz to do and the English games to practice and know more in reading and writing skill. In addition, I can based on my level in English to choose what level of the exercises, the English word are not recondite, so it is suitable for me to have the practice.

Furthermore, via the website, I gain a lot of the method to learning English, apart from learning reading and writing skill, it also have word grammar, speaking and listening that I can learn all the four skill of English. It can elevate my English, for example the different type of word can improve my writing, choose the right format and style for writing easily, I can learn more vocabulary in the website et cetera, it can encourage me to study English be more confident and have fun in learning English.

Finally, I think the BBC website besides to watch video, it also can go to read the news to improve our...