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Understanding Research Project

Effect of Different Imagery Scripts on Psychological State, Physiological Response and Performance.

The following documents are questionnaires designed to assess and ‘screen’ potential participants for our study.

Included in this questionnaire pack are:

- Demographic information

- Competitive Trait Anxiety Inventory – 2 (CTAI-2)

- Movement Imagery Questionnaire (MIQ-R)

- Sport Image Ability Questionnaire (SIAQ)

Demographic Information

Student Number:


Primary Sport:

Number of Years Competed:

Current Level:

The questionnaire overleaf assesses the thoughts and feelings which you generally experience about competition. The effects of highly competitive sports can be powerful and very different among athletes. The inventory you are about to complete measures how you usually feel about competition. Please complete the inventory as honestly as you can. Sometimes athletes feel they should not admit to any nervousness, anxiety or worry they usually experience before competition because this is undesirable. Actually, these feelings are common, and to help us understand them we want you to share your feelings with us candidly. If you usually worry about competition or have butterflies or other feelings that you know are signs of anxiety, please indicate these feeling accurately on the inventory. Equally, if you usually feel calm and relaxed indicate those feelings as accurately as you can. Your answers will be not be shared with anyone. We will be looking only at group responses.

The inventory is divided into 2 sections. Section 1 asks you to rate the level (amount) of symptoms that you usually experience, and section 2 asks you to rate whether you usually view these symptoms as positive (facilitative) or negative (debilitative) towards performance. Please read each statement carefully and circle the appropriate number in each section...