Cafe de Columbia

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CASE ANALYSIS Café De Columbia

Under the Guidance of Dr. Abdul Waheed

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Rohith Desikan(95) Salil Srivastava(99) Nikunj Shah(105)

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Marketing Program Design

Cafe De Columbia


FNC (FederacionNacional de Cafeteros de Colombia) is a private legal entity of an associative firm in a not-for-profit character whose aim is to promote the coffee business of Colombia and raise the living standards of its growers. Since 1960, the organization had accomplished an effective marketing strategy through a well-known copyrighted logo, Juan Valdez, but there are new challenges which they face at the moment. Café de Columbia needed to reformulate its marketing and corporate strategy in order to maintain its current market share as well as increase the perceived image of their brand in the eyes of the US consumers. The availability of resources for advertising had dropped recently (due to a global fall in coffee prices as a result of over-production), and thus pre-empted a more efficient and innovative marketing strategy. Changing consumer preferences, especially in the US market, for coffee combined with an increasing global competition meant there were increased pressures for alternative corporate solutions which would pave the way ahead.

BRIEF HISTORY OF CAFÉ DE COLUMBIA Among many types, the Arabica coffee plant became the most popular and Columbia exported only mild washed Arabica beans. In 1960, FNC decided to introduce a variation: Colombian coffee should be known as different and a differentiation process was initiated: Café De Columbia, as a quality standard was established.

In order to differentiate Colombian coffee products from other producer‟s items, FNC introduced the fictitious character of Juan Valdez to represent a typical coffee producer and trademarked this name. The high quality, mountain-grown coffee beans were easily recognized through the Café de...