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1. 2000: Aggarwal leaves bank & Starts the company

2. 2001 English version is launched and financed with personal money of 1,000,000

3. 4-Employees: 1 Indian designer 1 programmer 1 in Singapore 1 in Sydney

4. 2006 covered 800 restaurants in Asia

Business model:

• 40% based on commissions from restaurants who pay them 10-7% of the bill

• 20% adds on the site

• C’C promotion

Marketing promotion:

• Points for redeeming free meals

• Corporate discounts

Customer base:

• By 05 they have 12,000 registered users

• 43% of them are in Tokyo or 5160, individual diners

• 57% elsewhere in China 6840, secretaries


• Wall street journal- large promotion

• CC but not very successful


• Looking to raise 2,000,000 for:

 1,000,000 to hire more sales reps—goal to reach 1to 2 on investment

 800,000 on PR to reach individual people.

 200,000 in tech updates

To do:


How many sales people does he have? How many sites does each person get on average throughout the years? Does his estimate of getting 4 more people make sense? Will they be getting more restaurants or more customers? Each sales person would cost US$6,000 per month and would incur related costs, including

computers and travel expenses.

Are restaurants really reporting all the reservations that they get from Eat2Eata? How could he better check since they have good incentive not to tell him?

What are the salaries of sales person? Other people?

The assumption is that they will generate 2 to 1 on their salaries so they need to bring in many restaurants.

Till now they have 12,000 restaurants with 2 sales people. How many does that average a year? We know that this accounts for 40% of revenue $478,000.

What is the growth rate of the revenue? Costs? Is he closing the gap?

If his main promotion is through corporate discounts why is he trying to get individual people so much? He needs to get a better incentive than points.