Mass Marketing Is Dead

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Is Mass Marketing Dead? Yes.

First at all, when you talk marketing, you may think about mass marketing, which is a market coverage strategy in which a firm decides to ignore market segment differences and appeal the whole market with one offer or one strategy. It is the type of marketing of a product to a wide audience.

However, now you will feel that it is not enough..

So, why mass marketing is dead? We found three cases to explain this question.

Let’s move to the local case with mineral water Vinh Hao. You may think that people need to drink water every day. So they will you well with mass marketing. But not.. When Vietnam’s market open, the competition become bigger. If local businesses don’t have enough strength, they will lose their customer. Therefore, they have to define their target market, and position their product again to maximize the efficiency.

Vinh Hao is a old brand of Vietnam’s mineral water, which established in 1928. Vinh Hao has been on a par with mineral water Vichy - France's world-famous, exported to Laos, French, Cambodian, Burmese and Thai ... Yet after release to the early 90's, Vinh Hao has lost its image due to weakness management and promotional activities.

The biggest competitor of Vinh Hao in mineral water field is Lavie. Lavie come to Vietnam in 1992 and quickly became the leading distributor of mineral water in Vietnam. Around the late 90's, Lavie faced with a myriad of food brands like: La Vierge, La Vielle La Vila,... makes La Vie faced difficult. Later, Lavie acquired completely by Nestles and improved products more eye-catching packaging with youth-oriented. This made Lavie get more advantage in this competition.

Vinh Hao had to position their product. Vinh Hao is different with Lavie. It have 4 special characteristics. First, the quality is higher, with 80 years experiences and found by the French. Second, Vinh Hao is the only mineral water with gas in Vietnam. Third, Vinh Hao mineral water is completely natural, so it...