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Analyzing a Business Information System:

Patni Computer Systems

Patni Computer Systems:

Patni Computer Systems Limited is a software services and consulting company headquartered in Bangalore, India, process outsourcing services in India and various countries throughout the world. The company is listed on the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange of India. It is a subsidiary of iGate Corporation, which has interests in areas such as energy, financial services, engineering, materials, government and healthcare. Few of its offerings are:

* IT services

* IT infrastructure services.

* BPOs

* Enterprise Solutions

* Consulting

* Engineering and industrial services

History: Patni was established in 10th February, 1978.

Mission: To help customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, IT solutions and services. To make it a joy for all stakeholders to work with us.

Values: Following are the values Patni has incorporated as an organization,

* Leading Change

* Integrity

* Respect for the individual

* Excellence

* Learning and Sharing

Patni as an organization: Patni has over 18,500 of the world’s best-trained IT consultants in 42 countries. Revenue of $409 million, up 24.2% over prior year; operating margin of 27.6% and net income margin of 21.8% (fiscal year ending March 31, 2012).

Patni is one of the organization to achieve an enterprise-wide Maturity Level 5 on CMMI® and P-CMM® based on SCAMPISM, the most rigorous assessment methodology.

Phaneesh Murthy is the current CEO and managing director of Patni.


Information system is concerned with processing the raw facts into information and transferring this information to the user. It also takes feedback from the users so that input can be given. Information can be manual or computer...