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The problematic discussion about evil is that it is hard to believe that in a world created by Yahweh Himself which is supposed to have the fullness of Yahweh’s attributes subsequently why would he allow evil to be in the world. Why would he allow for horrific murders, pedophiles to ruin children’s lives, personal disease to devastate the physical body (cancer) and natural disasters as seen on the east coast this week? Evil is a derivative of free will, since we are free to choose between doing the Will of Yahweh that parallels to being virtuous, and living off our own natural emotions and rationalization, which equivocates to evil. If Yahweh didn't give us our own free will to choose right and wrong we would be like computers being controlled and told what to do. Yahweh gave Adam a gift in free will that was righteous but He misused it and therefore mankind had to endure the consciences of the evil in this world.

Now there are two types of evil in this world-moral and natural. These two evils are diverse however they not isolated. [1] Natural sin the result of moral sin. When the Prophet Samuel told King Saul that he rejected his kingship over Israel stating “Does the Lord want entirely burned offerings and sacrifices as much as obedience to the Lord? Listen to this: obeying is better than sacrificing, paying attention is better than fat from rams”. The result of Saul’s fear (natural sin) produced by his moral sin (disobedience) (perfect love-truth casts out ALL fear), which Samuel equivocated with witchcraft as the consequence, was Saul’s rejection from the kingship of Israel. The act of disobedience to the Word of Yahweh is the original moral sin in the garden as Adam knowingly committed high treason, as natural sin is the inheritance of the original act.

Investigating why there is evil in the world has confounded theologians and atheists alike for centuries. Gottfried Leibniz theodicy conviction is that Yahweh is obligated to create the best of...