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Major Projects


This is an applied project of analysis. Students are responsible for completing two project reports (essays, ca. 7-10 pages each) as outlined below. Each of the two will count as 10% of your course grade (20% total). Submit each project, when due, via email attachment.


Project (1)


The purpose of this project is for you to gain additional exposure to the ways Information Technology (IT) is used in your chosen field. In addition, you should gain an understanding of the value of IT as it relates to your work.

This research should culminate in a paper of five to eight pages evolving the following line of reasoning:

1.       Identify the field in which you expect to seek employment once you have completed your degree. If you have not decided, make your choice of a field based on what appears most likely at this point.

2.       Identify the types of jobs associated with this field. Then, choose the job to which you aspire. For example, a MIS major might choose the Computer field and the job of research scientist. Another example might be a flight technology major that chooses the airline industry and pilot.

3.       Identify individuals who are currently working in the position that you have chosen, have worked in that position recently, or who have extensive knowledge of the requirements and tasks associated with the position.

4.       Interview at least two (and preferably three) people from 3, above concerning the role that Information Technology plays in their jobs. Find out what types of IT are used in the company, the purposes of the IT, the skills it takes to use the IT, etc.

5.       Write your paper with

1) an introduction to the field,

2) an explanation of the job duties and responsibilities,

3) a report on the role of IT in the job and field, and

4) your conclusions on what the future holds for your job, as far as IT is concerned.

Any doubt about this project or additional information guidance needed, you may...