Connecting Dots

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Connecting the Dots Worksheet

What I’ve learned about online education this week is that it is much easier for me to wake up whenever I want to do my work than it is to have to get up at a certain time to go to class. I also learned that it’s much harder to learn in online classes because theres no hands on help.

1. What were the outcomes of your foundations lab path builder?

The outcomes were some good outcomes because, it helps you with a lot of things and I love how it personalizes the learning skills that you have mastered and the ones that need practice. You can work at any pace that you want to work at. It had a good outcome on me because it has helped me with the work I did and I didn’t need to improve it, in order to succeed in what I am trying to succeed in.

2. How do the skills apply to your academic life?

The skills apply to my academic life because they were able to help me with my schooling and other curricular activities that had to do with my schooling or that involved my schooling. They can help me do better in my schooling so that I am able to get what I need out of it. Being able improving on my academic life and start making changes.

3. How do the skills apply to your professional life?

The skills apply to my professional life because they help me out with writing, reading, and math etc. It helps me keep things in order and organized. It helps me to get used to doing things the right way and learning what I need and don’t need to do. It helped me learn how to get things done in order basically making sure things are put together the right way. The skills also helped me in my professional life because they help me with being successful while going for my college degree.

4. Were you surprised by the results? Why or Why not?

Well I’m going to have to say yes I was surprised by the results that I got because when I started to take the test and as I got further along into the questions...