Genetic Counseling

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Unit 6 Genetic Counseling

It is terrible that James and Andrew are diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. This disease is inherited and it can occur in a person’s childhood or adulthood. There are many types of muscular dystrophy which is Becker, Duchenne, Emery-dreifuss, and many others. The symptoms of this disease can vary due to the different types of muscular dystrophy as for affecting the muscles it can affect all of them or just a certain group of them. It affects the areas around the pelvis, shoulder, or face and it can affect adults but the most severe forms tend to occur in early childhood. The symptoms include mental retardation, muscle weakness (which gets worse over time), delayed development of muscle motor skills, difficulty using one or more muscle groups, drooling, eyelid drooping, frequent falls, loss of strength in a muscle or group of muscles as an adult, loss in muscle size, decreased ability to care for themselves, depression, lung failure, tightening of muscles around the joints, scoliosis, and problems in walking (delayed walking). If a person is diagnosed with muscular dystrophy it shows abnormally curved spine, joint contractures, and low muscle tone. Unfortunately, there are not any treatments to get rid of muscular dystrophies but there is a way to control the symptoms so it does not affect your day to day routine as much. Physical therapy will help James and Andrew to maintain muscle strength and function. Orthopedic appliances such as braces and wheelchairs will help the both of them out with their mobility and self-care abilities. Surgery on the spine and legs can also help improve functions. They can take corticosteroids by mouth to keep them walking as much as possible. They must be as active as possible because complete inactivity can lead the disease to get worse. Mr. and Mrs. Miller, if you are thinking of having another child together, you may need to consider the fact of adopting because this disease is hereditary and there is a...