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Unit 3 Project: Silfinate Corporation Proposal

Networking Concepts

1. Complete the review questions:

a. True or False: Fiber-optic cable is the most expensive transmission medium. T

b. True or False: Coaxial cable has a high resistance to noise. F

c. A(n) repeater is used to reduce the effects of attenuation for a digital transmission signal.

d. A(n) nonbroadcast point-to-multipoint transmission issues signals to multiple, defined recipients.

e. True or False: Broadband technology encodes information as digital pulses. F

Wide Area Network using a Star Topology


In the network proposal for the Silfinate Corporation, I will demonstrate why a wide area network with a star topology is going to be the best option for the company. A WAN (wide area network) is a network that connects two or more geographically distinct LAN’S or MAN’S (Dean, 2009). A star topology will allow the headquarters of the corporation to house the infrastructure needed to make their network run efficiently. “In a star topology, every node on the network is connected through a central device such as a hub, router, or switch” (Dean, 2009). As you can see in the diagram, the server will be located at the headquarters of the Siflinate Corporation and will connect to the LAN’S of the other branches.

This server will be connected to a business gateway supplied by the company’s ISP. From that gateway, we will connect to Silfinate Corp. firewall router; the router will feed switches at all three buildings. These switches will connect all the workstations and multi-functional devices such as printers, fax machines, and copiers.

Within all three buildings, we will utilize Cat 5e (Enhanced Category 5) cabling to be run to the work stations and multi-functional devices. This cabling is the logical choice because the distance from the workstations to the switch is not that great, and there are not so many employees that the company would require something greater, such as...