Case Study 1-1

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Human Relations Case Study 3-1: Unengaged Monique at Shea, Cohen, Antonelli, and Armstrong

1. What can Monique do to become more engaged in her work?

* Monique needs to do a self-assessment of her goals and expectations from the firm. By creating a plan of action milestones to accomplish these goals would help her improve her motivation. Also showing up to all the meeting on time would play an important role of face time with your associations.

2. What can Monique do to overcome the reputation of being a zombie on the job?

* She can show more responsibility in her career field by taking the job more serious and working on her self-discipline and not comparing her job position to that of the lawyers that have a higher degree of education and working knowledge of the business. Also going above and beyond what's expected of her and being dependable and tell her supervisor about ideas she has to make her job more efficient. By working on her self-discipline this will help Monique understand the importance of propelling herself in accomplishing these goals. Monique will feel good about the job and the positive results that comes from her engagement in your work.

3. In what way might Monique’s parents have contribute to her lack of commitment to paralegal work?

* Monique's parents contributed to her lack of commitment to paralegal work by painting her future. They kept telling her, especially her mother that being in a paralegal would give her status and make other people think that she is somebody important. Also the father telling her that people will keep sue each other where she would have job security? She realized that the job of paralegal is nothing like she thought it would be or what her parents make her believe it would be.

4. What might be the career consequences for Monique if she does not become more enthusiastic about her present work assignments?

* The consequences of the Monique job security would be in...