Customer Service

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Customer Service & Contact

Kristy D Besant

Kaplan University

AB 221-01: Customer Service

Professor Sheila Fry

September 7, 2012

Customer Service & Contact

When building a company website the company has to think about customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Knowing the differences between customer service and customer loyalty is a must in order for the company website to be a success. The company has to know how to provide extraordinary customer service to their customers and their potential customers. Knowing how to earn customer loyalty is a good way for the company to out do their competition when it comes to gaining the loyalty of their customers. Providing superior customer service for the customer will lead to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Gaining customer satisfaction and customer loyalty the right way can increase customer contact and service. Customer satisfaction determines whether the customer chooses to do business with a company in the future. Satisfying the customer is the best way to make sure that they come to you for future products and services. Finding, attracting, and retaining customers who regularly purchase a company’s products or services gain customer loyalty for a company. Learning the customer and their wants will increase satisfaction and loyalty. When a customer is satisfied with a company the likelihood of the customer becoming a loyal customer increases.

There are differences between customer service and customer loyalty. Customer service is what a business offers to the customer. While customer loyalty results from the customer service and the service that is provided to the customer. Pleasant experiences and good customer service will leave an impression on people and will make them think of your company when they have future needs (Delacroix, ND). Without good customer service the business cannot hope to earn the loyalty of their...