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Chapter 13 REVIEWING THE BASICS 1. What are the two basic differences between the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard and the USMT utility? The User State Migration Tool (USMT) tool is a command-line tool and the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard is a GUI tool. The USMT is designed to be used on a domain and the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard is designed to be used in a workgroup. 2. What are the two commands in the USMT? Scanstate and Loadstate 3. When is the local user profile created? When the user first logs onto the system. 4. How are a roaming profile and a mandatory profile the same? How are they different? A roaming profile and a mandatory profile are the same in that they follow users from one computer to another in a workgroup. They are different in that a user can change a roaming profile that applies only to this one user, but a mandatory profile is the same for a group of users and cannot be changed by the user. 5. What are two important criteria that make for a good password? The password is not easy to guess and it contains numbers, letters, and non-alphanumeric characters. 6. What can a user do to keep from having the administrator reset a forgotten password? Create a forgotten password floppy disk that can be used if the password is forgotten. 7. Which user group has more rights, Power Users or Administrators? Administrator 8. When using Group Policy on a computer in a workgroup, which type of configuration do you use? Computer configuration 9. What do you implement to control how much disk space a user can take up? Disk quotas 10. What is the difference between a cross-linked cluster and a lost cluster? What can cause them? More than one file points to a cross-linked cluster, and no file in the FAT or MFT points to lost clusters. Both can occur when the mapping in the FAT or MFT becomes corrupted.

11. What Windows 2000/XP utility program checks for cross-linked and lost clusters? Chkdsk.exe 12. What file system is necessary to use if a...