Determining Databases and Data Communications

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Scenario 1

As a marketing assistant who is responsible for establishing the booth setup, dismantling, and shipment of equipment worth more that a quarter-million dollars, will need to create an in depth spreadsheet or database to verify information at any given moment. The following is a list of typical fields that will be needed in order to effectively track all the necessary data.

Booth components: Name, model, booth ID, component ID, and weight

Equipment: Name, model, serial number, weight, and description

Shipper: Name, address, telephone, and point of contact

Equipment rental company: Name, address, telephone, and point of contact

What is the purpose of tracking? As the person responsible for the booth I must know at all times the location of my equipment. This is vital for the success of equipment delivery. This is why many businesses use radio frequency identification (RFID) or property tags. RFID have three parts, scanning antenna, and transceiver with a decoder to interpret data, and a transponder that has been programmed with information (Smith, 2011). This allows managers to make informed decisions when delivery cannot make schedule in case of a natural disaster or emergency. A plan “B” must be initiated which should include a back up rental unit. Maintaining a camera to capture any damage equipment while loading, unloading, or setting up will be helpful when you try to submit a claim for damage to the drayage contractor that was chosen. If the equipment arrived damaged then the claim will be filed with the shipping company with substantial video evidence.

Relationships between records data such as names, models, and serial number will be on multiple tables because they have a direct relationship. Every item must have a distinctive identifier that solely represents that item. These identifier are required so that we can load into our tables, which will provide all the necessary information for that item and allow...