Cout Management

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Court Management

Court Management

The United States court system is overwhelmed with cases and overworked people who operate the court system. In this paper, court purpose and responsibilities will be discussed along with the importance of strategic planning and vision as foundations of successful court management. In addition, the impact of court consolidation and restructuring on future court processes and responsibilities will be discussed.

Court Purpose and Responsibilities

Federal and state governments have their own distinct court systems because of the separation of powers clause of the U.S. Constitution. These courts can be differentiated by their jurisdiction and the cases heard within depend on the type of law broken. For example, crimes against the state are held in state court and crimes against the federal government are held in federal court. However, if both state and federal laws have been broken, both courts can hold trials. The primary purpose of the court systems is to determine whether or not a person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt (Robinson, 2009). Furthermore, the court settles arguments based on laws. These arguments can be between various parties ranging from an individual accused of a crime versus the state, to the federal government versus a corporation accused of violating regulations. Through the application of law, courts provide an environment by which legal matters can be settled. Courts also exist to guarantee liberty, to enhance social order, to provide for equal protection, and to ensure due process of law. In addition, Robinson (2009) briefly explains that court responsibilities include determining bail, conducting preliminary hearings or grand juries, ruling on the admissibility of evidence, and determining the appropriate sentence when a finding of guilty has been reached.

Strategic Planning

Past strategic planning has been going on for the past two decades, but it appears not to be working. Management has...