My Role as a Leader

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Supported Reflection Paper Integrating the Concepts of Emerging leadership

University of St. Thomas

Spring 2008


The paper analyses the effect of supported reflection integrating the concepts of emerging leadership, taken into consideration inward looking; outward looking; integration; leaning process reflection. Indicating the Department and the Professor aspirations of what is gained by this assignment. This assignment is divided into four parts; the first part involves looking inward as I begin to consider my role as a leader (personally and professionally). The second part of the paper involves an analysis of how I would use these concepts as an OD practitioner/leader as they apply to leader development of others. The third part would integrate parts 1 and 2. It would suggest the learning I do about myself and as leader the impact of work with others. The forth part is my reflection on learning process.


My role as a leader will depend on how proficient I am in my professional capacity and then I will be competent at understand the motivations and behaviors of other people. As leader I combine my personal competencies with others with competencies into an efficiently functioning team that can outplay and out performance all its competitors.

My role as a leader (personally and professionally) is to create value trough the ability of people and doing so I do anticipate bringing change through people. Creating value requires that I can reach people effectively. One of my drivers behind making this happen is through emotional intelligence. Personally, I have to lead myself because it starts with me and if I can’t follow myself no reason why anyone would. I must learn to lead by setting example even the face of adversity. Professionally, I create will a...