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Abortions are not the way to go to terminate pregnancies due to it being a sin and also being a way to skip out on responsibility.

There are so many people who are having abortions in everyday society. There are young women, older women, teenagers, poor women, and even married women who are aborting their children. The age bracket of “25 years and younger the percentage of women that are aborting is about 52% and that is those who are obtaining abortions in the U.S. The age bracket of “20-24 years of age is about 32%. Teenagers are 20% and young girls that are under that age of 15 hold up 1.2%” of the women population that decides to abort. Every ethnicity of women are aborting for many different reasons, No one can really pinpoint the reason for each individuals decision to abort a child. Even though every ethnicity is aborting it has been said that the “black ethnicity of women are more likely to abort children than white women and it has been said the Hispanic women are not too far behind”. (www.abortions.org)

There are many reasons that women are aborting their kids in this day in age. I personally believe young women and teenagers are aborting their children due to financial instability because they don’t have the finances to raise a child. Teenagers normally abort their children due to the reasons that they are young, still in school, they don’t have the stability of their own or from their parents in some cases. In other cases the younger generation aborts their children so that they don’t have to face the reality of responsibility of raising a child that they have conceived and they are able to go and come as they please with no consequences or fall backs behind the poor decision that they have made. There are many more reasons for each generation to abort their children such as being caught up in a situation of being raped or incest and they may feel that they don’t have a choice. In some cases for older women and younger women children may...