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Name: Hà Clover

DOB: 31/08

Interest: take photographs , read book and collect information


* Have experiences in working in Union Youth

* Communication skill quiet good

* Have relationship with journalist and communication department

Success in Marketing Team:

1. Found out 3 sponsors

Before going to the companies and persuade them to become the sponsor for our projects , Marketing team prepared the investment financing document .We arranged the list of companies which can become the potential sponsors and separated them into 3 groups : Gold / silver / bronze sponsors

Result: Marketing team found out 3 main sponsors

* Thang Long construction building company : 3,000.000 VND

* MIC Thainguyen : 1,500.000 VND

* Mr Hoang Viet : 2,000.000 VND

2. Sold the badges

Marketing team came to each class and offices in IS VNU, we also opened the “ mini sho” in Building C – Hacinco village in order to sold out all of the IS Badges

Result: in 2 days, we sold all of the badges that we ordered : 200 badges with the profit …….. [ xem lại ở Finance ]

3. Sold out the butterfly picture

Besides selling the butterfly pictures in IS VNU and Hacinco Village , we also advertised and sold them in café, accessory store and updated information on Facebook . Each member in marketing team shared the work fairly and professionally.

Result: after 2 weeks, we received the maximum profit when selling all the butterfly pictures [xem lại ở finance]

4. Give the idea

Whenever starting the new plan, marketing team usually has the meeting to give individual idea. We will discuss and vote for the best idea. After that, we will show our ideas in class and listen to our classmate opinion.

Result :

* Name of company : Invincible Youth Company IYC

* Logo of IYC :

* Project 1 : Great Love - slogan : Share joy , share happiness

* Project 2 : Invincible Green – Slogan : Let’s do it !

Slogan for...