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1. “Three Levels of Product”

The core

Lip care for nourishing lips

The actual product

Packaging and labeling: using a young-modern design for girl

Branding: colorful, prominent Lip Ice logo written in modern font, catchphrases such as “Fresh and Soft”

Trade name: Lip Ice, a Rohto-Mentholatum (Vietnam) product

Brand personality: cool, functional, original, funny, healthy, etc.

Brand equity: Rohto-Mentholatum (Vietnam) provides a quality, consistent and innovative lip care reputation.

Augmented product

Natural nutritional information, Specific functional information, Health benefit

2. Marketing considerations

Product life cycle:

Lip Ice is a high-learning product. With a strong marketing campaign, “sales will increase immediately”. Rohto-Mentholatum (Vietnam)’s strategy is to broaden distribution quickly, which is currently feasible thanks to the company’s high manufacturing capacity.

Product class:

Health care product, Lip care, Functional product

Lip Ice follows the practice of product modification: Rohto-Mentholatum (Vietnam) is introducing an existing Lip Ice (lip care) but redefines the product with a new flavor, more convenient package. Lip Ice will now become a widely available lip care in multiple retailing (distribution) channels.

3. New products and objectives

Doing marketing research help we find out our customer’s need, and new type of lip care, which can meet their need.

a. Lip Ice Tết Colorful

- 2 colors and flavors – red with apple flavor and orange with mandarin flavor

- With the innovation technology, “Lip Ice Tết Colorful” is formed as cream, and designed in tube; give a modern fashion taste for girl.

- By adding new receipt, “Lip Ice Tết Colorful” can provide a colorful cooling effect for the dry and cracked lips.

- Besides, we will send a message to all customers, “This new year will be the coolest new year”.

b. b) Lip Ice Valentine

- Lip Ice with two new flavor: chocolate...