Tri-Component Model

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Using the tricomponent attitude model, compare the differences in attitude of consumers towards Kraft foods versus their attitude towards Vegemite.

Vegmite was first introduce by Fred Walker and his team a successful development of yeast extract. It was first sold in 1924 and was only in 1925 when he began partner with James Lewis Kraft thus become the brand we familiar now, Vegemite from Kraft. Due to the long history, the Australians have a unsaid close relationship with Vegemite product and their attitude have also been favourable. Even if Kraft have been in the market sometime and have wide range of product but their relationship with their consumer is not as close.

The attitude toward Vegemite have always been positive due to the past experience. When times are bad, when health benefits are more important and what to eat for along with bread there are many things in life a Autralian could link to Vegemite. As mention Vegemite, the national brand of Austria have been around since 1920s and since then Kraft have been putting effort in promoting its product. They have been through promotion with give away prize, getting Disney characters , jingle to attract and influence consumers. The consumers, especially the baby boomers feel that the the Vegemite have grownup with them and have attracted feeling towards this brand. During World War II, Vegemite was a important source of food to the Australians due to its vitamins and its nutritious is still known to many till date. The silent generation that have survived the war have been through the hard time with Vegemite and too have much emotional affection. If a consumers have the cognitive abilities, they would be noticing the health benefit Vegemite could provide and think if the product is reliable and would likely discuss with friends. The consumer who have been buying Vegemite for a long time or have been consuming it would most likely to continue to buy despite the changes and this is usually due to good...