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MN425: Business in the Global Environment

Course Description and Reading List


This Course Description and Reading List provide a brief summary of each lecture, a list of recommended readings for that topic and a number of seminar questions. The readings consist of chapters from books, journal articles and articles from the business press; for those that are available in electronic form, the relevant links are provided in Moodle. The asterisked readings are the ones that have been included in the Course E-pack. You should not be intimidated by the length of the reading list: you are not expected to read all of it. It will be of particular assistance for the essays and for the seminar presentations which all students are required to make during the term, for which extra reading is needed. The presenters may also suggest additional references on their chosen subject.

In addition to the lecture readings and the background texts mentioned below, we have provided a list of journals that students may need to refer to. Most of these can be accessed through the LSE Library electronic resources (via “Ejournals”), and the articles downloaded if necessary. For those who prefer direct access to the journals themselves, the class marks have also been provided.

A list of relevant web sites has also been provided. Most of these provide access to on-line documents, or to more up-to-date academic and research material. Many of our readings are more dated than the material presented in the lectures: that is deliberate, both because “those who do not understand history are condemned to repeat its mistakes” and because sometimes the principles being discussed are not date-stamped like a newspaper: the most revealing analysis of a current issue was in many cases written ten years...