Bus620 Week 3 D2-Marketing Segmentation

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Marketing Segmentation |

What are the different levels of market segmentation?

Finch (2012) introduces the different levels of market segmentation as:

Mass Marketing is the maximum exposure of product advertising to a larger number of consumers at a faster speed.

Segment Marketing, is a segment of consumer or specific group targeted.

Niche Marketing, to advertise a specific product in a specific market.

An example of Niche marketing is the Tracfone, SVC (Senior Value Cell) which is designed specifically for seniors, because it has a good volume for hearing impaired, and large key board as well as large numbers in the screen.

Synthesize the segmentation strategies that manufacturers of personal computers should implement to attract both the Gen Y and baby boomer generation to increase their purchases of computers.

A personal computer manufacture should focus on a quality product, affordable, and being able to have niche marketing. The Gen Y generation is much more sharp and technology informed, ready for the new gadget and savvy, the baby boomer are not technology inclines because they are more hands-on oriented.

Are there some examples of companies that have already done a good job of marketing across generations? Respond to at least two of your fellow students.

Companies that made a good job of marketing are those who use sales research, market research, and an efficient R&D department (that combines effectively with the sales branch), effective people who are able to see the new product process through to completion, and lastly an innovative and entrepreneurial culture.

An example can be Apple, Toshiba, and Dell; these three companies focused on the above characteristics in order to be successful in marketing across generations.


Finch, J., (2012) Managerial marketing. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education.