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The Goal

Before beginning to read this novel, I was expecting it to be boring, but I quickly realized the opposite. I found myself enjoying reading this novel, making it hard to put it down for which I read it all in one to two days. It gave me a different idea of how managers made their decisions, realizing how much thought they must put into their ideas, so they are sure that it will positively affect the business.

The Goal, is a novel that focuses on the theory of constraints and its relation to always improve production. The author, Eliyahu Goldratt uses an interesting way to show the importance of the decisions that managers must make to achieve a business goals.

Many individuals believe that in order to turn a business that is having trouble into a successful one, they need to focus on one particular area, that is, where the obvious problem is. But, instead on focusing on one problematic area, it is important to look at the company as a whole to identify the true problem.

The book shows how many businesses act according to way too many assumptions that are accepted without further exploring them. That is, people do not question what they are told and assume that it is true, so they do what they are told. However, in the book, it is assumed that the plant is productive, if operating costs per unit are down and efficiencies are up. But, that is not the case. The authors are basically saying that one should use common sense when making decisions.

The novel, The Goal, explores the life of Alex Rogo, a manager who was transferred to one of UniCo's Manufacturing plants, which is located in his hometown, a slowly declining industrial town, also were his mother lives.

The story starts with Alex arriving early to his job, but he finds that there is another automobile, which belongs to his boss, parked in his parking space. When he enters the plant, he finds that his employees are confused and wonder why Bill Peach is there. Bill Peach went to investigate...